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Novel Excerpts

From Alone In The Company Of Others (Open Books Amazon Kindle Edition) by Kelly Huddleston
From XXX-RATED X RAYS: Sex, Scars & a Superheroine with Scoliosis by Kremena (Published by and reprinted with permission from Smink Works Books)
From Manhattan (unpublished) by Joe B. Vaughn Jr.
From The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross
From A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Originally published by Chapman and Hall, 1843, Open Books Electronic Edition 2007
From the novella The Mystery of Taiwo da Silva by Omoruyi Uwuigiaren, originally published by BLACK BOOKS NIGERIA, a division of Human Change Communications Company
From Noah's Wife by T. K. Thorne, Published by Chalet Publishers, LTD
From The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, originally published in The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon by C. S. Van Winkle, 1819, Open Books Electronic Edition 2007
From American Blow Job by Teri Louise Kelly, published by Open Books
From Night Train by Donald O'Donovan, published by Open Books
From A Winter Garden: "Announcing the End of the World" by David A. Ross
From Tarantula Woman by Donald O'Donovan
From Curtain Call "Professional Boyfriend"  by Alan Ramon Clinton
From The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross
From Orgasmo"The Freakmaker" by Donald O'Donovan
From Thoughts of Maria by Gregory Heath
From Mameluke Bath: "Breaking Up Is Hard, I Know"  by Andrew Asibong
From Framed by Christy Fearn
From I Shot Bruce by Brett Busang
From Madame Lune by Kathleen Curtin
From One To A Million by Tim Cole
From Orgasmo by Donald O'Donovan
From Twin Oaks by Melissa Palmer\
From Remember For Me by Diana Tarant Schmidt
From I Shot Bruce by Brett Busang

Short stories 

"Batteries" by David A. Ross, previously published in Sacrifice and the Sweet Life (Open Books Amazon Kindle Edition)
"Bitch In This Candy Box" by Teri Louise Kelly
"Ashes, Ashes" by Linda Sands
"k" by John-Patrick Ayson
"A Little Red" & "Hello Young Lovers" by Helen Peterson
"In Search of the perfect former Communist Beach Town" by David A. Ross
"Zombie Armada" by Andrew Barber
"Remembering The Feeling" by Roger Dean Kiser
Ode To A Seaman William Brower
"Priapism" by Amitava Nag
"Driving Toward A Broken Heart" Linda Sands
"Lady Boss" Jeni Booker Senter
"Grumps" Andrea Hinds
"Penny Candy" by Rebecca Fiske
"Torneo de Gallos" David A. Ross
"Lucky Penny" Chantal Boudreau
"Getting By As A Decoy" Shane Jesse Christmass
"Don Quixote de Las Vegas" M. Cid d'Angelo
"NL Centrum" David A. Ross
"On Edge" Carole S. Mora
"The City Heroes" Omoruyi Uwuigiaren
"The Shadow Patrol" Donald O'Donovan
"The Dead Await Your Arrival" Chuck Crabbe
"In Search of the Perfect Communist Beach Town" David A. Ross
"Flight" Adele Elliott
"Laughter and Early Sorrow" by Brett Busang


"The Courage of Intimacy" by Keith Ainsworth
"The Bells" by Edgar Allan Poe
"The Coming of the Ship"  by Kahlil Gibran, excerpt from The Prophet (with artistic plates by the author)
"the night before my execution" by Teri Louise Kelly
"The Lady of Shalott" by Alfred Lord Tennyson
"State of The Union" by Susie Duncan Sexton
"Ms. Betty" by Noah Kaplowitz
"Afternoon Adagio" by Santiago del Dardano Turann
"A Cafe on Taraval" by Santiago del Dardano Turann
"the time i met yeats in Kensington" by Teri Louise Kelly
"less and less distinctly" by bl pawelek 
"the build" by bl pawelek
"FUNAKOSHI AND THE TENGU" by Santiago del Dardano Turann
"headlines" by Andy Sell
"A LETTER FROM ROCROI" and "ADRIFT IN SPACE" by Santiago del Dardano Turann
Three Poems by Mitchell Waldman: "Streets", "A Great Big Texas Welcome", "Journey"
"The Loyal Opposition" Environmental Prose & Poetry by Keith Ainsworth
"New Sandals" by David A. Ross
"legend has it" Susmita Chatterjee Paul
"The Tower" & "Chasing Daydreams" by Santiago del Dardano Turann
"The Lost Parade" Andrew Barber
"How you know you'e with the wrong man" and “Every 43 hours a baby dies in Memphis.” Jeniffer Borek
"Questions from the Deceived" Glen Still
"Troubled People" Debrenee D. Adkisson
"TechnoEnd” and "I Was a Thief" by Mitchell Waldman
The Poetry of Donal Mahoney "Charming Bill", "Married Man Shy", "Genocide of Pins", "Jimmy the Blind Man Says He's in Love", "Halloween: Flashlight in the Gangway", "Fresh, Tinned or Frozen", "Tornadoes in the Parlor"
"A Portrait of Life" "Prophecy" Lisa Zaran
"Downward Dog", "Requiem For Dead Sea Bird" & "Zoomagination" Helen Peterson
"A Youth on Van Ness" Santiago del Dardano Turann
The Visual Poetry of Leila Fortier "Abstract Emotion" & "Delivered" Arabic translation by Imen Bennani;  German translation by Sabine Pascarelli
The Poetry of Alun Williams "People in plastic", "Breakfast With Marilyn" & "I DON'T SLEEP ANYMORE"
Three Ekphrastic Poems about WW1 in Flanders Fields by Belgian painter & poet Jan Theuninck:
 "Yperite", "Hill 60" & "Passiondale


"Once Upon A Time... A Slice of Corporate America Dined at Club 30" by Susie Duncan Sexton
"Sex & Art: Alive and Well in the U.S.A." by Lakota Phillips
"Keep ‘em Scared & Keep ‘em StupidAn American liberal doesn’t want to let free-dumb ring…" by Vincent Yanez
"Capital for the Twenty-first Century" by David A. Ross
"Character Assassination by Characters - The Red Hat Lawsuit" by Lakota Phillips
"A Murder of Crows:  Group Names for Birds" by Terry Ross
"Twilight" by David A. Ross
"Advice on the Choice of a Mistress" by Benjamin Franklin
"Pondering How Much My Novel Is Worth" by Kelly Huddleston
"Transitions: On the Road Again toward Nonconformity" by Susie Duncan Sexton
A lifelong passion for Titanic: The Story of a Legend by W. E. Brower Jr.
Interview: Moronic Ox talks with Donald O'Donovan, author of the newly-published novel Night Train
POETIC JUSTICE DE MER by Teri Louise Kelly
Equality Prayer by Jenny Toune
The Old Chevy by Keith Ainsworth
Something Old and Something New by David A. Ross
CARRIED AWAY IN CORFU: An American Writer Living Abroad Attends Premiere of "Sex and the City 2" by Kelly Huddleston
Stalking Academia by Alan Ramón Clinton
Listen to the World Cry by L.A. Steel
"The Big Bang of Lunatic Slaves" Michael Howarth
"Simon Rodia - Architect of Dreams" Donald O'Donovan
Beginning to think in a totally new way... THE VIRTUAL LIFE OF FIZZY OCEANS and the VENUS PROJECT David A. Ross
LITTLE HOUSE ON…the Back Lot! Susie Duncan Sexton
Fuckashima    L.A. Steel
The Novel As Graffiti Donald O'Donovan
​Facing UpTo A Missing Link…And My Resultant Veganism Susie Duncan Sexton THANKFUL … TO THINK OUTSIDE THE HOLIDAY BOX! Susie Duncan Sexton
Back Then, Write Now A 50-year Retrospective on Publishing Poetry by guest editor Donal Mahoney
Author Kelly Huddleston talks about her new novel, A Week with Fiona Wonder (Open Books 2013)
We need more stories about the 99%, told by the 99% Kelly Huddleston
Uncovering the Cover Artist: An Interview with Zuzanna Orzel by Kelly Huddleston
A Gathering of Generations by Donal Mahoney
China Shock by Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang
Interview: Author Susie Duncan Sextontalks openly about her book Secrets of an Old Typewriter, politics, animal rights, classic films and just about...everything!
Have We Become Less Human by John Faupell
45 Centuries Later, What's Changed? by Lorin R. Robinson
What Will You Believe? by Simon Campbell
I am not John Wayne by Jonathan Bennett
Trump fiddles as the world burns by Lorin R. Robinson
No Place Like Porn For The Holidays by Guest Editor Carmit Delman
The Elopement of Empathy: Henry Ford and Donald Trump by Guest Editor Gregory R. Piché
Stranded in France by Guest Editor Jayne R. Boisvert
How Central Asia Changed My Life by David H. Mould


Spoken Word Poetry Competition Poets: B. Yung; Brittany Bellinger; Aileen Velazquez (AKA Jade Star)
Office Girl (Humor) by Lindsay Metter
The Tell Tale Heart adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's famous short story by Director and Animator Aaron Quinn
The Collages of artist Brigitte Martin
Interview with Wendell Potter, former VP of Cigna Insurance Health Care About the Practices of the Industry to Undermine Care for Millions PBS interview: Bill Moyers Journal with Bill Moyers
What is the Super Late Show? Who is talk show host Graig Dufferson? And why should we care? Series pilots by Aaron Quinn
Inside USA: Jesse Ventura An Interview with Jesse Ventura who went from wrestler to former goveror of Minnesota.
A Christmas Message in Song "White Wine in the Sun" Tim Minchin
THE SUNSHINE MAKERS A short film by Aaron Quinn
​"Finding Balance" Dimitris Kyriakis
plumtv: Grace Slick An Interview with legendary rock singer & visual artist who frontlined for Jefferson Airplane & Jefferson Starship.
Huffington Post Publisher Arianna Huffington suggests that you simply Move Your Money to smaller, local banking institutions.
Audacious Animated Interview with author Teri Louise Kelly on The Super Late Show with Graig Dufferson
The Picture of Dorian Gray novel by Oscar Wilde, audio text by Aaron Quinn , adapted from Wilde's published version, Read by Basil Soper
So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut's Last Word In August 2006, Kurt Vonnegut was interviewed on public radio from inside the 3-D virtual on-line community Second Life. The broadcast, produced by Lichtenstein Creative Media for "The Infinite Mind" public radio series, was the first to be taped inside a virtual world, and it was the author's last sit-down interview.
"To Tell The Truth" Will The Real Kelly Huddleston Please Stand Up!
UntitledA digital collage by Lakota Philips
Toto, I don' think we're in Kansas anymore... Or are we? "Kansas Country" Photo Essay by Don Wright
Two Striking Photo-Essays"Self-Portraits" & "Minimal" by Dariush Rad
Haiku Artworks Zuzanna Orzel
Author Alan Ramon Clinton Talks About His Lovelife
(and reads from his letters to women on the web site
"Me and Shirley - Shirley Jones!" Susie Duncan Sexton Reads from More Secrets of an Old Typewriter: 
Misunderstood Gargoyles & Overrated Angels
Author Teri Louise Kelly reads from her novel American Blow Job


Songs of Blue and Gold (Random House) by Deborah Lawrenson Reviewed by Kelly Huddleston
Coming Together (Chalet publishers, LLC 2009) by Joyce Norman & Joy Collins Reviewed by Kelly Huddleston
Good Morning Corfu (Open Books) by David A. Ross Reviewed by Kelly Huddleston
Calico Pennants (Open Books) by David A. Ross, Reviewed by Joyce Norman
Girls Like Me by Teri Louise Kelly (Wakefield Press, 2009);(Open Books, 2010) reviewed by Deb Matthews-Zott Originally published by Transnational Literature Volume 2 No 2 May 2010.
Dinner With Percephone by Patricia Storace Review by Christopher Homes
The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross Review by Chuck Crabbe
Girls Like Me by Teri Louise Kelly Review by
Highway by Donald O'Donovan review by Susie Duncan Sexton 
Necropsy in E Minor by Alan Ramon Clinton review by Lily Wren
Alone in the Comapny of Others by Kelly Huddleston (Open Books 2009) Review by Donald O'Donovan
Calico Pennants by David A Ross (with author interview!) Reviewed by Candy Beauchamp
The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans by David A. Ross (Open Books 2011) Review by Donald O'Donovan