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"Troubled People"
Debrenee D. Adkisson

dream of troubled childhoods and
pain that’s settled deep into some
sacred crevice of the soul, dry and
crackling with the heat of things still
burned, still smoking.  This is what I
told her when she asked me why I
never wrote of love, of T.V. toothpaste
smiles and the like, and though she
heard me I am sure she
didn’t.  She wonders if I’m quite
right, asks me for some answers,
to account for what I am. 
When words aren’t tinged with peonies
or taste like honey, I get caught between some
past and present heartaches, saying swiftly
that it’s not my fault, that I’m
not the one you’re looking for,
but your own disfigured, smothered features
in the glass.

ISBN:  9781862548220
Format: Paperback Book
Number of pages: 272
Publisher: Wakefield Press
Publish Date: 24/04/2009
ISBN:  9781862547568
Format: Paperback Book
Publisher: Wakefield Press
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About the author: Debrenee Adkisson is an Instructor of Developmental English at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Aside from writing poetry, she enjoys baking turkey meatloaf, teaching English (and sometimes feminism thinly veiled as English),  and watching her two cats slowly destroy her new slipcovers.
Format: Kindle Edition
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Publisher: Open Books
(April 23, 2010)
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