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Two Poems by Santiago del Dardano Turann

Beyond the trail of thunderclouds there lies
Sequestered in the fabric of the skies
A gothic tower rising in the spray
From waterfalls where shifting faint bouquets
Of rainbows flicker in a phantom garden
Kept by the dreams who're still undreamed and virgin.
Five smaller roofs sit round the central tower
And tend the buttresses and arches over
The heavy portals carved with mysteries
Which stand as guardians round the ancient boundries.
The basin where it stands is deep and wide
And though the water rushes down the sides
It never fills nor stirs the watery floor
That glistens in the moon light like a mirror.
Above the chancel windows and the gargoyles
With zodiac figures in the limestone coils
The stone is mixed with tamed translucent fire
Like favrile tiffany glass forming the spire.
The spiral staircase rising through the middle
Of the tower ends just at this level;
If one should wish to rise then he must pass
Through living abstract patterns in the glass.
The realms beyond and all of hidden creation 
Is there in maps breathed by imagination.
ISBN:  9781862548220
Format: Paperback Book
Number of pages: 272
Publisher: Wakefield Press
Publish Date: 24/04/2009
ISBN:  9781862547568
Format: Paperback Book
Publisher: Wakefield Press
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Some daydreams floated through my inner vision,
Small sails of canvas gleaned from out of heaven's
Gold morning dawn of streaming silkworm threads
Stirred by the winds, just turning in their beds.

Then others fell in psychedelic drops
While spinning in electric fields like tops.
They cast the sails on slowly rolling and
August bright waves of light to astral sands.

I reached out, stretching thought through smoky layers
And megaliths of possibilities' barriers
To try and catch the quickly fading daydreams.
But they were gone, just like quick-flowing streams

That desert rains leave on the endless plain.
Yet, was my effort really so in vain?
No. It's from those cotton daydreams brief duration
That I received this small poetic creation.
About the author: Santiago del Dardano Turann was born in April of 1968 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew-up in rural Butler county.  He does not have a college degree and has worked blue collar or retail jobs his whole life.  He only began to write poetry with the onset of middle age.
Santiago del Dardano Turann
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