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"State of The Union"
Susie Duncan Sexton

Life forces fluctuate, ever surprising.
Harness weather? Impossible downsizing.
Prevent animosities? Only through prayer?
Differing philosophies normal, not rare.

Pretentiously uninformed profess: ‘We’ve choice!???????
(Analyze lectures preached by dictator’s voice.)
Freedom’s assured within independent mind.
Forced group-think consistently topples mankind.

About the Author:

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A native of Nacala, Mozambique, Susie Duncan Sexton ponders how animals think, where does music come from, why do authors drink, why have we not fully evolved by now, is it really more fun at the top? A graduate of Ball State University and the University of Chicago, she enjoys the literature of Dickinson and Millay and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's husband and Shakespeare and Nash and Dorothy Parker.
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Unemployment line in California
Photo courtesy of FEMA
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