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Alone in the Company of Others: A Novel by Kelly Huddleston
To Tell the Truth Game Show
Will the Real
Kelly Huddleston
Please Stand Up...
Who is the REAL Kelly Huddleston?
Now, panel, please listen to the affidavit for...Kelly Huddleston.

"My name is Kelly Huddleston. I was born in Denver, Colorado in 1982.  I lived there until the age of  nineteen when I moved to a Mediterranean island.

At age 20, I published my first novel, The Perfect Pearl (Escape Media 2002).

In 2009, I published my second novel, Alone in the Company of Others (Open Books 2009) which has received critical acclaim from insiders in the publishing industry.

Besides my work as an author, I am the technical editor for Open Books, a worldwide e-book publishing endeavor. I also act as the company' s social media specialist. 

Kelly Huddleston"

Although Kelly's accomplishments certainly seem unique, apparently her name is not. A recent Google search turned up several, shall we say, imposters. Or at least a couple of curious doppelgangers. It is the panel's task to root out the imposters and uncover the real Kelly Huddleston.

So... Without further delay, let's start the questioning with...Kitty Carlisle.
Stealers Wheel - Stuck in the Middle With You .mp3
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Kelly's lament
The ContestantsClick here to add text.
What is your name, please?
"My name is Kelly Huddleston."
What is your name, please?
"My name is Kelly Huddleston."
What is your name, please?
"My name is Kelly Huddleston."
Kelly Huddleston - writer
So, panel, you've had your chance to question the contestants, you have your video hints, and I'm sure each of you has made up his mind as to which of the three contestants is the REAL Kelly Huddleston.
Is it #1, #2, or #3?

Will the real Kelly Huddleston
please stand up!
Now, friends, let's learn a little about the two other contestants...

Contestant #1 sang the gospel praises of her lord and savior Jesus Christ before she died from lung cancer at the age of thirty-nine. Her real name is Kelly Huddleston. Moronic Ox extends its respect and sincere condolence to her family and fans.

Contestant #3 is an ingénue based in Los Angeles. Film and TV credits include "Dexter", "Madmen" and "Dirt". Her real name is Kelly Huddleston.