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"A Youth on Van Ness
Santiago del Durdano Turann

The image refracted through windows
With heavenly light from the glow
Of beautiful features, a figure
Like buds at the end of the winter.
The Asian youth turned with a glance
(Might it have been just pure chance?)
That punctured the layered reflections
Of glossy smooth mixed gray distortions.
The backpack then tottered along,
It tapped to the hips perfect song
While passing through frames to flow on
Beyond the Academy on Washington.

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About the author: Santiago del Dardano Turann was born in April of 1968 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew-up in rural Butler county.  He does not have a college degree and has worked blue collar or retail jobs his whole life.  He only began to write poetry with the onset of middle age.
Santiago del Dardano Turann
Coming January 6, 2011
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