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Mitchell Waldman

4G Networks
text  me
IM me
hold on
I’m playing Wii

blue jay perched on a branch
squirrel scurrying for nuts
maple leaves swishing in the breeze

download these MBs
caught it on my camera phone
uploading the image
gotta save it to my flash drive

walking along the river
water slapping against the banks
walking hand in hand

text me in 10
I need to recharge my cell

watching the sun rise, set
feeling the breeze on a hot summer’s night
sipping cool drinks
looking at you
smiling with your eyes

looking at her messages
not seeing the BMW approaching
slamming on brakes
not seeing it
but feeling the crunch
the end of his life.
I Was a Thief
Mitchell Waldman

I was a thief,
stealing through the night.
I came into a new town fresh,
its restive bodies just stirring from their beds.
The dew cleaved to the pavement, shone on
a new sun a new day.
Peace was a whirlpool in my coffee cup,
resting at an all-night diner;
the truckers were grubby monuments
of the times,
bleary-eyed from driving,
feeding on eggs and burnt toast,
the number twenty-two special.
I had fifty cents in my pocket
and savored each harmonious drop
of coffee and cream,
I cherished the morning sunrise,
the cool crisp breeze;
would they see it, feel it,
grown used ot the morning,
the grind,
turned blind to the wind?
I was a wealthy man,
my copper filled quarters rang solid,
gold pieces,
as I slammed them on the counter,
my pockets empty.
Mitchell Waldman
Editor of Blue Lake Review
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Critic Patricia Ann Jones:
"A Face in the Moon  is a Shakespearean-like tale
with a twist. Waldman’s deft narration and rich characterizations make
him an author to watch."