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Meet Artist & Teacher
Jacqui 'Jax' Simpson

Jacqui Simpson started exhibiting
her Artwork with the South African
Art Association in the 80’s and has
since had many joint and solo
exhibitions in and around
South Africa.

In 2003 Jacqui had a successful ex-
hibition in New Zealand and has
since had 2 or 3 exhibitions every
year in Johannesburg, Pretoria and
in her current home town, Alberton.

In 2009 she took a leap of faith and
quit her full-time job to paint and
teach Art fulltime from her home
studio in Alberton, Gauteng, South
Africa and is currently working on
the second exhibition for 2011 to
be held in Pretoria, South Africa.


I am a very visual person and find that just looking at work I am able to figure out technique. I have made a zillion mistakes but some fantastic breakthroughs too and I am discovering new things every day.

My style has evolved over the years and although I use mostly Acrylic paint, I do sometime mix my mediums. Collage has also become my passion. I can get lost in a collage for ever with my only limit being my canvas size.

Interesting bodies and faces fascinate me and although I do paint a lot of male figures; I really enjoy the female form the most. The soft, delicate features, and the way that light bounces off a woman’s curves captivate me. I see color in everything. I usual use a full spectrum palette when I paint and I find that Acrylic paint has very vivid colors. Although I have often dabbled in oil, my temperament cannot work with it, so I attempt to achieve in Acrylic, what can be achieved in Oil paint.
I attempt to bring light into color. Painting on a bigger than life size canvas is my ultimate joy. I love a challenge too, so I keep pushing to overcome a bigger or greater hurdle.

In many ways, this is pretty much how I live my life. I see a painting and my life as a journey of ups and downs and hills and mountains. Navigating around these hurdles is the challenge and in many ways, all my works reflect something of my journey. Laughter being the best medicine and cure for everything!
As an eternal student in this school called Earth, I explore many different subjects in my work. Painting an animal or a flower or a piece of old machinery is not as important to me as is the use of color, light and shadows. I believe that a great artist should be able to find their way around any subject, so I do not class myself as a specific type of Artist based on subject choices.
I teach Art to students who need some sort of guidance in painting, Through years of struggling to find information that goes beyond text books has allowed me to accumulate valuable knowledge that I pass on where I can. It gives me great pleasure to see passion in people and to evoke it where I can.

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Jacqui Simpson,
Artist and teacher,
lives and works in her studio in Alberton, Gauteng, South Africa.
Jacqui paints portraits and commissions of any well photographed subject.
She exhibits in and around Johannesburg, South Africa
and is always looking for
new opportunities
to show and sell her artwork.
Her art may be viewed at www.thepaintingcave.com

Open Books
wishes to thank
Jacqui Simpson
for providing
this stunning image
as cover art for
Donald O'Donovan's new novel
Tarantula Woman