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the time i met yeats in Kensington
by Teri Louise Kelly

w.b had just walked outta of the irish club
onto kensington high street
heading for the book depository,
looking like he'd just come
from the chelsea registry office,
which was after all, only a jig away
& the confetti was trailing in his wake -

i knew his housekeeper claudette
was due to marry wordsworth
news spread on the backs of rats,
yeats didn't look so happy,
cruising well over the legal speed limit
sporting a yellow carnation

in the store, i caught him fingering celine
rather disinterestedly,
heard blitzkrieg bop in his headphones,
saw his shades were gold rimmed
& that his beard was apocalyptic -
theologian esque;
yeats looked like fucking god,
the morning after . . .

i had intended, in the instant,
to maybe grab his autograph,
get him to sign my jane austin biography
then thought better of it when that
brute shelley crashed in waving a
fistful of atheistic pamphlets,
shouting that god was for half wits
& poetry for full ones.

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Teri Louise Kelly
Coming in January 2010
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