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"Questions from the Deceived"
Glen Still

"Questions from the Deceived"

Since the time I was crawling
You implied you had my back
Gave me goals to reach for
Told me the stars were mine to pull down

Even when I studied in your halls of education
You made it seem like I could be anything I wanted
You sat there without a smile on your face and lied
About everything you ever taught me
I had to re-learn it all
From alternative sources
What you called history
Was just the version
That you wanted me know
So that I would fall in line
Never ask any questions

Since the time I was a little child
You've been sticking needles in me
Telling me that it was to my best advantage
That what you were pumping into my system
Would keep me safe
From all forms of disease
I would be inoculated
From all factors of dissociation
What you forgot to mention
Was that I was your ongoing experiment

Since I was old enough to pull the trigger
You molded a plastic gun around my finger
Told me to be the cowboy
Point and shoot at all the Indians
Then when I was older
You gave me every reason to hate my neighbor
Told me that when we kill them they deserve it
That we have to kill in the name of god
Because they are different
For our national security
To protect our way of life
Then there's your favorite line
It's just patriotic
It's our duty

Since I was old enough to get a hard on
You've been fighting against my natural affections
Telling me that sin is in the head of my penis
And if I don't get your kind of salvation
Me and my wicked mind are going to wind up in hell
I'm gonna burn eternally unless I pay the preacher
Now, I don't care that you believe in this lie

But lately I have come to find
That you want everyone to believe in something
That you yourself don't even buy
You have no god
You have no love
You only believe in yourself
In your gold, in your power and in control
But that's the last thing you want us to believe in!
Maybe because it is the root of all evil
And you don't want any competition

Now let me tell you something
Everything you have ever told me
Is just a bunch of lies
Every time I dug deeper
I discovered something
That you so conveniently left out of the story
Now I don't mind being led astray
I figure that's the devil's occupation
But when you hold up that cross
And call on god like he's on your side
When you claim it all in the name of Jesus
And then spew out more of your lies
I get more than a bit discouraged
Wondering how these contradictions that you tell me
Can be perceived as absolute truth
By others who hear them and never even flinch

I used to be afraid to ask questions
But now I just want the answer to one inquiry

What the hell have you done to us?
No! Make that two...

How did we ever let you do it?

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Glen Still
About the Author:
Glen Still, who originally came out of the Southern California area, is a spoken word artist and poet in the truest sense of the title.  His commitment to the arts has taken him around the country mesmerizing his readers with the clear and dead-on observations of an artist at the top of his game.

Glen’s creativity is not exclusive to his own work; he is also one of the original founders of 10K Poet, a group of artists dedicated to sharing eye-opening views that annihilate the stagnate, tried-and-true visions that the average person has become stymied under. Glen has blazed a new trail with such works as, “A True Liberator”, “I Have Found” and “She’s My Religion”.

Read more of Glen's poetry, hear MP3's or contact him via his Facebook page.

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