What is the Super Late Show?
Who is talk show host Graig Dufferson?
And why should we care?

Director and animator Aaron Quinn has created something very special - not just a satirical spinoff of The Tonight Show, or Letterman, or Conan O'rien - but a series of hilarious (and informative) 5-minute interviews showcasing lesser known, emerging entertainers, writers, artists, musicians, and other interesting personalities with a story to tell or a cause to promote - all in a cartoon format to be broadcast and distributed over the world wide web!

Quinn's fictitious host, Graig Dufferson is a posh Brit, ever cordial yet a bit supercillious, whose humorous interviewing technique and ribald sarcasm will leave you laughing out loud (lol). The guests that appear on the Super late show are (for the most part) real people in cartoon form. Quinn captures the actual voice of each guest through recorded interviews that he later edits into each Super Late Night production. The animated version of each guest exhibits the facial characteristics and the body language of the real person. Which of course lends itself to laughter.

Below you can view the first two pilot episodes of The Super Late show with host Graig Dufferson. We are assured by their creator that more are soon to come. Stay tuned...
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Aaron Quinn is a filmmaker in
progress. Born in Ft Lauderdale
Florida, he spent most of his
childhood watching movies
(mostly those of Tim

At the age of 12 his
talents as an artist and writer
began to emerge, and as a young child he won several prestigious awards.

Even though writing and art were his hobbies, filmmaking is his passion. His debut film was entered in a contest sponsored by THE SCOTT AND WHITE ORGANIZATION, and it won 3rd place.

His most notable accomplishment to date is his acclaimed animation "EDWIN: A NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS" winning him 4 V.A.S.E awards. He is also the creator of the cartoon brand "QUINNTOONS" an up and coming animation powerhouse.

Currently, Aaron spends most of his time writing poetry and scripts for graphic novels, illustrating, and listening to music. Quoting his longtime idol, Charlie Chaplin, Aaron says, "If you want to know who I really am, just watch my films. They'll tell you everything you want to know."

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