The Courage of Intimacy
by Keith Ainsworth

I am awakening.
Seeming shy in nature, shy in kind,
Boldly inviting to the mind, another longing spirit blind
I recognize the essence there, as harmless as my own inside.
Through filtered endless circles made, patient with diverse distraction
A glance with eyes of latent passion, dart daring to seduce
Lingering to satisfy a yearning universal, declare uneasy truce
Now cloying scents of fear away, a unity of soul holds sway
Past tentative uncertainty deprived its treasured memory
Fished out of filtered phrases and wielded without warning
The reach of patient upturned palms, bared breasts of faith to face
Shared sensations flow submerged in emotion's depths emerge
Such trust blunts freedom’s fetters with smothering embrace.

About the Poet:
Born in 1965, educated at Tufts University with a B.S. in English Literature, Biology and Environmental Studies with a law degree from the University of Miami, Keith Ainsworth is an environmental attorney residing on the New England shoreline with his family. An ardent environmentalist, Keith frequently represents environmental conservation interests.

Life, death and the relationships we forge between.
The Courage of Intimacy is a collection of modern poetry exploring
the fundamental human need to connect with others.

Soon to be published:
The Courage of Intimacy
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The Courage of Intimacy
by Keith Ainsworth
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