Quinntoons (in association with Open Books)
First introduced in 1935 by Ted Eshbaugh
and produced by RKO/VAN BEURON
as an advertisement for Borden Dairy,
Aaron Quinn's reimagined
asks everyone to get happy.

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Aaron Quinn is a filmmaker in
progress. Born in Ft Lauderdale
Florida, he spent most of his
childhood watching movies
(mostly those of Tim

At the age of 12 his
talents as an artist and writer
began to emerge, and as a young child he won several prestigious awards.

Even though writing and art were his hobbies, filmmaking is his passion. His debut film was entered in a contest sponsored by THE SCOTT AND WHITE ORGANIZATION, and it won 3rd place.

His most notable accomplishment to date is his acclaimed animation "EDWIN: A NIGHT OF CHRISTMAS" winning him 4 V.A.S.E awards. He is also the creator of the cartoon brand "QUINNTOONS" an up and coming animation powerhouse.

Currently, Aaron spends most of his time writing poetry and scripts for graphic novels, illustrating, and listening to music. Quoting his longtime idol, Charlie Chaplin, Aaron says, "If you want to know who I really am, just watch my films. They'll tell you everything you want to know."
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