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"People in plastic"
Alun Williams

People in plastic
cleaned out my neighbor’s apartment
I thought I was in a bad movie,
as I walked up the stairs
Carrying Millie’s donuts.

I heard someone say
“He’s dead”,
but I didn’t see the body.
I don’t think I ever saw my neighbour alive.
He used to play Sinatra records all day.
I used to like that
Fly me to the moon song.
I’ll miss that.

I sang it to my girlfriend once.
she never understood the meaning behind
the words.
She prefers crap rap.
I stole his records from the garbage can
That the people in sterile plastic suits
Put them in.

The people in plastic cleared out the apartment
left it like new,
for the next tenants.
It smells of disinfectant.

Maybe I’ll play dead and they’ll clean out mine.
I hope the new people like swing.

Alun Williams

I don’t sleep
The world is a safer place
because of it.
When I slept
people died
and greenhouse gases grew.
I don’t fart any more

I don’t sleep
anymore, because
when I sleep wars start
and people in far away
lands go hungry.
So,I don’t eat any more.

I don’t sleep
because the lady on the breakfast news
told me that bad things happen
while I slept.
I gave my tv away.
She had a nice smile
I miss that.

I don’t sleep
and nothing bad ever happens
I guess it was
my fault.
for closing my eyes.

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About the author:
From the wrong side of the pond, Alun Williams is Welsh and a member of Scrawl the Writers Asylum where he can be found hiding out in his alter egos of maxwell allen. Writes mainly short stories but has the occassional foray into poetry. Published in Twisted Tongue, 100 stories for Haiti and Write Side up, Bonfire, Palehouse amongst others.
"Breakfast with Marilyn"
Alun Williams

The girl who serves me
looks like Marilyn.
There has only ever been one
so don’t waste my time by asking
Marilyn who.

She puts my plate down.
Ham and eggs,
over easy
Just how I like it.
and then she speaks,
and asks if I want more coffee.

She has a nice smile
and an even nicer ass.
Place gets busy and I see my Marilyn
talking to a young guy
in blue denim
who thinks he’s James Dean.

I call her over.
She throws me a smile
and I catch it and put it away
for later.
I ask her for some cream
She says “Sure darling’.

I eat my ham and eggs,
drink my coffee
and pay the bill.
I tell Marilyn
she should be in the movies
“Yeah” she laughs “I know”

I should’ve given her
my number
but she’s got Jimmy Dean.
He‘s just a kid
who‘ll die young
And make her cry.
Alun Williams
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