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Arianna Huffington,
Publisher of the
Huffington Post
& founder and supporter of
Move Your Money

People all over the country are choosing to move their money out of bigger banks and into smaller, community-oriented financial institutions that generally avoided the reckless investments and schemes that helped cause the financial crisis.

Fueled by the personal initiatives of thousands, it’s a grassroots effort that has the potential to shift power in the financial system away from Wall Street and to Main Street.
Check out the video, read up on what inspired the idea, connect with others through Facebook and Twitter and then use the tools and links provided to find a community bank or credit union in your area.
If you can' t join them, why not beat them?
Disgusted with big banks' record profits and huge bonuses,
Huffington Post Publisher Arianna Huffington suggests that you simply
Move Your Money
to smaller, local banking institutions.
Apparently, Jimmie Stewart would agree...