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Office Girl
A clueless young woman goes on a job interview
A short film by and starring Lindsay Metter
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Lindsay Metter, writer, producer, filmmaker, actress

Now a resident of LasVegas, NV, Lindsay has lived in both Chicago and Los Angeles.

"I lived in LA during my twenties - six years - where I had many challenging jobs & projects before I burned out on it."

Lindsay's Interests Include:
Film, Art, Pets, Poetry, Wine, Blues Music, Politics, Quantum Physics, Economics, Business, Good Television, Finance, Men & Women, Sailing, Other Cultures, Traveling, Technology, Events, Management, Fighting for the Greater Good, Trying to make my interests be activities.

Lindsay's favorite quote: "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." by Leon J. Suenes
Lindsay Metter
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