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Poetry & Prose 
"The Loyal Opposition"
by Keith Ainsworth

Can a paradigm be one of always saying No?
Sustainable embargo, like chronic lenity
Eventually implodes
But myopic deeds spawn deciduous needs
Manifest destinies move swift with gloss
To pay the financiers
And make the quarterly return
So the real estate investment trust may grow green
Yet night and day, the tidal flux, the fleeting display of vernal pools
And the return and exodus of anadromous fish to the sea
Set rhythms that seduce us to our roots
No insists upon reflection
No insists upon consequence
The No becomes the Yes embracing the disjointed
The antagonistic devourers of soul
Forced to truce in stalemates
Stalled to kneel and obey
To rebel against the benevolent technocracy
The paradigm must integrate tamed technology
Into a community inclusive of the carnivores and vegans
And discard externality.

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About the author: Born in 1965, educated
at Tufts University with a B.S. in English Literature, Biology and Environmental Studies with a law degree from the University of Miami, Keith Ainsworth is an environmental attorney residing on the New England shoreline with his family. An ardent environmentalist, Keith frequently represents and is a speaker on environmental conservation interests.

The Loyal Opposition is his second collection of poetry.

Author's Note:
The Loyal Opposition – those who work to try to stave off environmentally damaging activities – are often accused by the proponents of the activity – those involved in development, industrial complex, rezoning, and exploitation of resources – of being negative, or as a good friend used to say, “the naysaying nayBobs of negativism”. Certainly any kind of opposition work involves the assertion of the word ‘No’. However to characterize the opposition’s stance as wholly negative is perverse. It is the dedicated few – those who vociferously shout ‘No!’ – who just might make those with the power pause long enough to consider a more sustainable alternative. In those instances the meaning of the word ‘No’ is transmuted from negative to positive.
The Loyal Opposition
by environmental attorney
Keith Ainsworth
focuses our attention
on the day's most critical environmental issues,
addressing them in contemprary verse as well as poignant prose.

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The Loyal Opposition: Environmental Prose and Poetry by Keith Ainsworth
Open Books
Release date:
Earth Day
40th Anniversary
April 22, 2010

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