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"the night before my execution"
  by teri louise kelly
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all appeals denied,
all stays overruled,
all words said,
all tears cried,
all the lies underlined in red for no redemption
i'm thinking i might have missed

out on a point
or theorem
or serum by not getting joyce,
even mailer
though thankful i got bukowski

& orwell & you can't get them all right?

& the priest comes & asks me to confess & seek the forgiveness of his god thing

i decline
no time for theologicals
no get out of jail card
in a stacked deck

i read some of ham on rye again
the sun doesn't rise
only sets
as the clock ticks & the metronome counts the beats
& the juice goes on – the tender kiss of volts & they come noisily & i wish i'd chosen the italian not the thai last night
one finally dice with spice
but the indigestion cure awaits

i see walls
floors, lines,
too much white light

& they ask for my last words
& i can think of thousands
though finally i choose
the most appropriate
& i say, in a clear voice 'the end full stop'

About the Author:

Born in London and now living in Adelaide, Australia. Teri Louise Kelly
is the author of Sex, Knives & Bouillabaisse (March 2008, Boomerang
Books) and Last Bed On Earth (April 2009, Boomerang Books). She is
a short story competition winner, and her first volume of poetry is due
for release in Feb 2010.

Teri Louise Kelly
"Been working on the same poem for so long my ass is numb from sittin' at the computer."
ISBN:  9781862548220
Format: Paperback Book
Number of pages: 272
Publisher: Wakefield Press
Publish Date: 24/04/2009
ISBN:  9781862547568
Format: Paperback Book
Publisher: Wakefield Press
"Old Sparky"
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