William Brower

Give me the north star and a ship to steer by! Let the waves carry me far and wide where heaven and earth are one.

The sea is my home it was here I was born and my last breath shall be claimed by the current. With sails billowing and decks creaking I sail seeking virgin soil untouched by the carelessness of man. The salt in my blood is the salt of the sea.

My soul has merged with my ship and sprung forth a destiny of hopes, dreams and eagerness. With a heave of the wheel and the pounding of the waves I sail on hearing the call of my beloved drawing me closer to her, as twighlight settles, the cool air engulfs me and holds me in her grasp.

The stars in the sky map the way. The only thing to do is follow them. Here I stand poised on the deck searching for a distant shore and also standing on the outskirts of heaven.

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About the Author:
William Brower is the author of 7 books and a screenplay about the sinking of the Titanic which he performed for almost a decade before bowing away quietly to devote his time to writing. He resides in the South Florida area with his wife and 12 cats