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"legend has it"
Susmita Chatterjee Paul


Barren streets
sweating and hallucinating
stretch their arms,
and legs

a shade,
a harbour

screeching rays
ooze over
the grassy greens

a brutal kiss of life
seeps down the viens

ravish and nourish
nurture and ravish


stretching its limbs
it ruffles the dreams,

dreams bulldozered and
bugged into insanity
by the holocaust

dreams pegged
for the crusades to die

dreams that dare
to be conquerors,
not mere survivors
in the quick sands


the mellow dusk
has queries
that it spreads
on your platter
at dinner.

oblige it tonight.

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Susmita Chatterjee Paul
About the Author:
Susmita Chatterjee Paul obtained a Masters in English Literature from Calcutta University in India. She has worked as a part-time lecturer at two undergraduate colleges in Kolkata, India. She writes in Bengali as well as in English. She is deeply interested in reading history and about cultures across the globe. She also likes reading about different philosophies. A native of India, Susmita currently resides in Budapest, Hungary.

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Susmita Chatterjee Paul
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