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Editor's Notebook

L.A. Steel

Hear the artery of oil bleeding into the ocean's depth. Hear the dolphins and whales suffocating cry, the slaughter of all sea creatures for greed, overseen by all who say nothing, do nothing, are nothing.
Fools lost in the labyrinth, seduced by sirens, with names like Meredith, Jane, Robin, Susanne, Katie , Mika, Amy, Sara, Denise or Rachel, and amused by flamboyantly stupid weathermen singing off key to big breasted traffic reporters with whitened teeth. Millionare Liars are masked as men with names like Matt, Al , Willard, Joe, Willy, Pat and Mort or Mayor, Senator or congressman, foolishly talk about politics, oil spills, stock market crashes, bank bailouts, bombers , breast implants, babies, baseball and Obama. Aging flesh enhanced by botox, collagen, lipstick, mascara and color contact lenses, blond, brunette and redheaded wigs, pasty faces, sculpted breasts and legs, as mannequins displaying stylish skirts and dresses and the latest fall and spring fashions. The mesmerized television viewers could never know how serious the world's problems are, or how incompetent the media's response is, when news is served with a pretty smile and a wink by our favorite morning news waitress. Viewers prefer their news like their morning coffee with cream and sugar, and a flirting starel by a big breasted, cross legged, lipsticked smile.
As the world bleeds, and mankind devastates all living things, mascara faced smiles with sprayed hairdos, disdainfully condemn celebrities' addictions, a president's sick joke, a sexual affair by a living corpse, or the death of another child, mother, madman, soldier or policeman. How odd, how needless, how trite, how worthless are they and what they say, and all who watch them. They defend their silly, celebrated, selves by showing how they can laugh at a skateboarding dog or swimming cat, to make news light and palatable, like a morning pastry or after dinner desert.
Welcome to the worm filled world of the wasted and withered, sick and mentally starved in a penal colony world. We continue to disparage and disillusion the young. Hopelessness abounds within the confines of the matrix, where schools and universities are ruled by automatons and pledges to patriotic nihilism. At 6:am ,noon, 6pm, and again at 10:00 and 11:00pm the news mannequins appear on display, repeating the same news of the week, month and day with AP news clips, and meaningless clichés.
As the world bleeds and the oceans are poisoned, the corporations rake in profits as governments are bought and paid for to overlook their crimes. Welcome to the final days of Man. I am appalled by so many who do not care. Those few who cry out our complaints at the top of their lungs, onto the deaf ears of the masses, stand firm against the onslaught of blind men running wildly with knives and guns, killing each other and the innocent. Come , Come , we call to them, hear our voices and take aim, as we mock the armies of blind, deaf and dumb, and call them cowards and idiots for not knowing their own strength.
Murderers are cautioned by moralists, to hate and kill only those selected to die. War, mercy killing and human depopulation it is called. I show no mercy to anyone who plans my demise. In the world of anarchy, I exist. Here it is easier to understand chaos and madness. In chaos the water flows upwards, and life forms prefer other directions to travel and grow other than up or down. Options for worldly success are pointless to all who exist in chaos. In Chaos, all decisions, all needs, wants, and desires manifest. There is no one to stop them. The stampede of cattle from the stockades of failed institutions, run into the streets tearing off their clothes, babbling nonsense, as the chaos continues, and the homeless are  executives wearing sandwich signs and three piece suits. In Chaos politicians are hung by their necks beneath the capital domes, money and influence no longer exist. The greedy are impotent and only the poor are strong as they rise in mass against the wicked leadership of the world.
Listen to the world cry; see the tears of billions recreate the oceans where monster headed moguls are drowned by revolution. Leaders appear from the underworld and over world to battle for the earth and sky. Mankind mourns his losses while gasping for air beneath chemtrailed skies, dying of thirst and hunger from polluted water and poisoned food. This is the great plan not divine , but the plan of the most wicked of men. We, who are at war with them, know who they are. They are all who live in gated communities, isolated by their wealth and apathy, driving in luxury cars. They are the greed driven, mindless morons, ruling this world by proxy. They are their imbecile assistants who work for them trying to mask their masters' crimes. They are everyone who turns away from dying men, women and children, and walk or drive over them, as they lay bleeding in the streets. They are the robbers, murderers and thieves. They are the ministers and priests. They are the Presidents and Prime Ministers, they are all the hateful, cruel, selfish and stoic people who are dying needlessy and will continue to die, without knowing they committed suicide.

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About the author:
L.A. Steel founded Steel Wood Media in 1999. He has produced and directed over 400 television programs for his weekly series on Connecticut cable television. He is the producer and host of the L.A.Steel Talk Radio Show on WQQQ 103.3fm and WQQQ.com since 2003. The L.A. Steel Talk Radio Show is one of the longest running, independently produced, commercially broadcasted, liberal talk radio shows in America. Mr. Steel is an author and lecturer and sponsors guest forums and panel discussions on controversial topics.  His new book is entitled “Naked at the Mic / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril.

He has produced and directed ten featured documentaries, which include The Connecticut Coalition against Millstone 2001, The 2002 Connecticut State Democratic Convention, The 1/28/03 Washington D.C Anti War Rally, A Teaching by Buddhist Patriarch Sakya Trizin, The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation Speaks Out, The World Peace Festival 2000 and 2001, The One World Fair, The 911 Omission Commission.

Mr. Steel established the lasteelshow.org website in 2004 and the L.A. Steel weekly Internet talk show on the BlogTalkRadio.com network in 2006. Over 500 audio programs are available in online archives at BlogTalkRadio.com/lasteelshoworg.  Also over 500 articles and essays are available in the lasteelshow.org archives.
To contact L.A. Steel, email asteelexclusive@gmail.com or write to P.O Box 127 Salisbury, Ct.06068.
L.A. Steel
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