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Fine Art

Digital collage by Lakota Phillips
Untitled by Lakota Phillips
Editor's note: Artist Lakota Phillips has captured the sadness of all humanity over the disasterous oil rupture in the Gulf of Mexico. Let us all hope and pray that she has not portrayed our legacy as a race as well.

About the artist: Lakota Phillips is a writer, poet, painter, photographer, designer, and illustrator. Born in Europe, she grew up all over the world, including various parts of the United States, before settling in the southern United States.

She has had stories printed in women’s magazines and has completed a paranormal erotic romance novel that is in submission for publication. A second novel and several short stories are her current works in progress. She is member of the Red Room Writers, under the guidance of author Karin Gillespie. Her paintings are regularly exhibited in the south and she has won multiple awards for her illustrations.

Lakota is the art correspondent on the award winning DAMage Report on LA talk radio with a weekly spot discussing arts issues every Wednesday with host Johnny Dam and his guests. Her topics are published each Wednesday on LakotaPhillips.blogspot.com and on her facebook page. Podcasts of the DAMage Report can be downloaded from here: http://www.thedamagereport.tv/podcasts/damagerep.xml

A huge advocate for the arts, Lakota is actively involved on several arts boards and committees. To contact her: lakotaphillips@gmail.com