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Equality Prayer
Jenny Toune

mary died on the moral high ground buried alive by sententious lies after fucking & birthing in denial of her womb & cunt, & england's number one elizabeth & the romans' chaste diana followed her, & i ask why did they forgo their orgasmic propensity & their right to talk & shit & fuck as females of the species? now the immaculate virgin spits in the eye of caligula, takes his goblet & dethrones his ego-fuelled insanity & i subjugate my 'maleness' with a feminoid cat-o'-nine-tails overwhelmed by the shape & desire for self-flagellation, & i say bring back the matriach, the amazon, the transgendered gender, the age of unreason, the age of the bitch ... & yes, i'll cut off my right breast to better shoot arrows of emasculated syllables into cyberspace, & though i live in the shadow of greatness i emit tiny particles of brilliant radiation from the centre of my own black hole, & in 260,000 light years when we are marooned in another dimension annealed by the transition into the fifth sun, my words will bounce back at me, & i hope ... that we'll all be able to talk & shit & fuck in peace.

Monthly Rant
The author describes herself as a flashtrash tapdancing poet who loves chillibeans / cowgals n cacti, n will take em in wateva order they come ...
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