A Christmas Message in Song
"White Wine in the Sun"
by Tim Minchin

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About the Artist: Tim Minchin (born 7 October 1975 in Northampton, UK is a British-born Australian comedian, actor and musician. He is best known for his musical comedy, which is featured in three CDs, three DVDs and a number of live comedy shows which he has performed internationally. He has also appeared on television and radio in both Australia and Britain. After growing up in Perth, Western Australia, he attended the University of Western Australia and WAAPA before moving to Melbourne in 2002 where he began to develop his act. His breakout show, "Dark Side", launched him into the public eye, achieving critical success at the 2005 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the 2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Minchin has a background in theatre and has appeared in various stage productions, in addition to some small acting roles on Australian TV. He has written a script for a television pilot which has received some interest from US networks; in late 2007 he was reported to be in talks with HBO. A documentary film about Minchin, Rock N Roll Nerd (directed by Rhian Skirving), was released theatrically in 2008 and broadcast by ABC1 in 2009.
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