Moronic Ox Originals

Editor' Notebook
Migrating to Another Dimension
Moronic Ox Editor David A. Ross invites us along on the ultimate journey

"The Day to Shape the Days Upon"
Open Books author Chuck Crabbe reads from The Road by Cormac McCarthy: 

Moronic Ox Encore!
Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...
Or are we?
"Kansas Country"
Photo Essay by Don Wright

Novel Excerpt 
"Mrs. MacMillan's Garden"
From the novel, Twin Oaks, to be published by Open Books in Spring 2015
Melissa Palmer

An Interview with Mary Shelley, 
Author of 'Frankenstein'
 An imagined interview of the author by R Daneel Olivaw, 
the robot from Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation' novels. 
He asks her about her life, love, work
 and influence on science fiction.
Written and directed by Christy Fearn.

Novel Excerpt
Madame Lune
by Kathleen Curtin
Published by Open Books (2015)

"Return to Mameluke Bath"
Eleanor Bowen-Jones

Novel Excerpt
"One To A Million"
Tim Cole

Author Profile
Donald O'Donovan talks about his writing career, travels, literary influences, painting, day jobs, chickens and, of course, his novels... 

Featured Fiction
"Degrees of Degeneration"
​Bobby Williams

The Poetry of Carole Mora
"Urban Fog" 
"With Furious Gravity" 
"Sound Off"

 David Gariff

Play Doh Cake Mountain Icing Extruder 
(the one that had everyone's pants all in a bunch) 
Melissa Palmer

Poets International
"Oxford is a port" 
by Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang
"bones and planes" by Alicia Young
"An Individual Free-born In The Collective" by Christopher Barnes

"Alice (Part IV)" and 
"End Game"
From the memoir Bent
Teri Louise Kelly

Book Review
The Virtual Life of Fizzy Oceans 
by David A. Ross 
(Open Books 2011)
Review by Chuck Crabbe

The value of fiction in exploring and representing the Holocaust: 
Bernard Schlink's The Reader 
(First appeared in issue 39 of 
‘Tears in the Fence’.)
Gregory Heath

Novel Excerpt
From the recently published Open Books novel 
The Woman Who Lost China
Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang

"Kentucky Fried Camel; Nine Days in Jordan with Kids"
Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang

"Caucus at the Parking Meter"
Donal Mahoney

Short Story
Adele Elliott

Writer's Workshop
Open Books author Miha Mazzini
Author of 28 books published in 9 languages
Winner of the Pushcart & Golden Palm for best film of 2012
and Best Director at Highgate Film Festival, London
Discusses the writing of his novel, Paloma Negra

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Nothing foreshadows the shambles into which the lives of four women of very diverse ages and backgrounds are thrown when their husbands’ chartered plane vanishes in the Amazon jungle. Stunned by the disappearance, along with the news that the pilot neglected to file a flight plan, the wives band together, attempting to track the men on their catastrophic trip and discover whether they are dead or alive.
Now Available
from Open Books
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Shared Content

Hollywood Glorifies Military at Taxpayers’ Expense
by David Sirota

The Nefarious Ways 9-11 Turned America into a Lockdown State
Tom Engelhardt

NSA Prism Data Mining Is All Up In Ur Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, 
PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple
Jason Linkins

Author Interview
The Wrighter interviews Chuck Crabbe, whose debut novel As a Thief in the Night is scheduled for release February 15.

 Hot Rich White People 
Gather For Annual Conference
By theunozblog

Book Review
"Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang has created a masterpiece and one that that you will remember for years to come... A page-turning, realistic story that spans a century and three continents."—Susan Blumberg-Kason, author of GOOD CHINESE WIFE: LOVE AFFAIR WITH CHINA GONE WRONG

Watch The Who perform "Won't Get Fooled Again" (1978)
Lest we forget...

Book Review
"Freewheeling tales of high hopes and low living"
Greg Heath reviews Orgasmo by 
Donald O'Donovan

 Where Writers Write: Susie Sexton
Welcome to another installment of TNBBC's 
Where Writers Write!

Do you think that racism and racial profiling have increased in the last few years? Andrew Asibong, author of Mameluke Bath, 
addresses this question.

Poetry/Spoken Word
Ali Abdolrezaei & Abol Froushan's performance run by Platforma South East

Our Universe Might Just Be One Giant Hologram
Two new physics papers add credence to the notion that the universe resembles a 3D Projection.
Rod Bastanmehr

Crows could be the key to understanding alien intelligence
Crows are among the planet's most intelligent animals, teaching their young to use tools for foraging and banding together to fight off intruders. Now, the first study of how abstract reasoning works in these birds' brains could shed light on how intelligence works in a truly alien, non-mammal brain.

Radical UN Report Promotes Democratic Control of Food and an End to Corporate Domination
by Sonali Kolhatkar

Why Indie Bookstores Are on the Rise Again
Borders and B&N tried to compete with Amazon, and failed. Independent stores can’t even try—nor do they have to.
By Zachary Karabell 

How Mice Turned Their Private Paradise Into A Terrifying Dystopia
Esther Inglis-Arkell

From Pushcart Prize and Golden Palm winner Miha Mazzini comes the charming and unlikely story of an imitation Mariachi band in 1950s Communist Yugoslavia. 

When the traveling cinema comes to a Yugoslavian village in 1950, the young men and women are introduced to Mexican melodramas depicting the Mexican revolution, and they become entranced by not only the heroes of these films, but also by the music. In the midst of their own political nightmare, they escape reality through the exploits of the cinematic revolutionaries, and in the morning the younger men of the village seem to know the songs by heart and form their own Mariachi band. 

Love, cinema, music, military bravado, intrigue and the promise of revolution play out in a tiny mountain village, but the pseudo-Mexican farce is about to end, because the Supreme Commander General is on his way to see for himself just what is going on… ​
Enchanting Audio book for kids
The mission of Moronic Ox is to expose to the public artistic works of distinction free of charge. Enter Magazine
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Enter Magazine
Charlie Spinner has just been dumped by his trophy girlfriend, so to soothe the pain of rejection he embarks upon a night out with his two best friends, Ed (aka Ball Bag) and Fat Dave. Lamenting the dullness of their lives – grab bag relationships (or lack thereof), go-nowhere jobs, and of course ever-present money woes, Fat Dave wonders whimsically if it might be possible to turn a single one-pound coin into a million pounds. Playing along with his friend’s fantasy, Charlie deposits the change from a round of beers - one pound - into a slot machine and wins a one thousand-pound jackpot. But can Charlie rise to Fat Dave’s challenge to turn a one pound coin into one million pounds? Or is there an even greater prize waiting for him on the Las Vegas Strip? You make the odds…
Orgasmo is author Donald O'Donovan's autobiographical account of a long ignored writer's vow to never write again. But, alas, the vow is as destined to failure as O'Donovan's puckish alter-ego is to literary obscurity.

A love letter (of sorts) to LA, O'Donovan is in rare form as we watch his calliope of characters, hustlers and hopefuls alike, whirl past to chronicle the writer's long and perilous journey from penny-a-word hack writer for a pulp fiction mill to an underground literary beacon.
Melissa Palmer’s deft prose casts a shadow over suburban society and exposes the darker aspects of personality that hide behind the superficial light of façade.
Celestial Land and Sea
by Amy McLean
the memoirs of pioneer heart surgeon Constantine "Dino" Tatooles, M.D. 
Dino's stories, as told to James E. Tatooles, will quite literally "warm your heart" and chronicle the advances in cardiac surgery during the past 50 years.