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Democratic Dyslexia and Republican Dementia
L.A. Steel
The problems with the two political parties in the United States, I believe, are essentially medical. Democrats suffer from severe dyslexia, a reading disability that creates serious problems in their reading of legislation put before the Congress. It is the only possible reason why over 90% of the bills passing the House and Senate of the United States are not read by the Democratic Party members. This would explain why so many bills are worthless mounds of undecipherable garble that allot trillions of dollars of borrowed money to thousands of unknown sources. Many of our most exhaustive and expensive public programs such as the Energy Bill and Medicare and the Defense budget were written by lobbyists and passed by the House and Senate without opposition. Dyslexia must be the prerequisite for Democratic elected officials in the current U.S government. Dementia is the only possible explanation for the policies of G.W Bush and the Republican Majority in the House and Senate, complete and utter madness. Dementia coupled with dyslexia insures the most incomprehensible government in the world. The United States is ruled by a government that is completely incompetent and out of control.
The power of an empire is placed in the hands of illiterate and demented leaders incapable of creating a comprehensive plan of effective government. American voters elect leaders who are obviously unable to read and comprehend the U.S Constitution, which they have taken an oath to uphold. What other reason could there be that would create such complete and utter chaos? It is almost impossible to believe that an institution as large and complex as the U.S Government got that way through total incompetence. No, it has become a disaster because it has been plagued by incompetent and demented leaders of a ridiculous, impregnable, two party political system; that automatically prevents any sane individual or third political party from gaining access to seats of power.
     “A madman believes his own logic and ever drives it further.” Sane and rational individuals can recognize the madmen in their government the same way they recognize madmen throughout their society. The problem is how to determine what is rational and sane, if two thirds of the population of the United States has gone mad. The people they vote into office must also be insane. Who determines madness? Madness is often discovered in stages of recognition. I think we as a society are nearing our final stage of madness. That stage includes complete paranoia, obsessive compulsive greed combined with extreme xenophobia. The United States as a society is about to implode or explode depending on the influences of mad politicians and Christian and Corporate Evangelists; who persuade their faith based, dyslectic or dementia ridden followers the end of the world is near, and Fascism is God’s preferred method of ruling the world.
About the author:
L.A. Steel founded Steel Wood Media in 1999. He has produced and directed over 400 television programs for his weekly series on Connecticut cable television. He is the producer and host of the L.A.Steel Talk Radio Show on WQQQ 103.3fm and WQQQ.com since 2003. The L.A. Steel Talk Radio Show is one of the longest running, independently produced, commercially broadcasted, liberal talk radio shows in America. Mr. Steel is an author and lecturer and sponsors guest forums and panel discussions on controversial topics.  His new book is entitled “Naked at the Mic / The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril.

He has produced and directed ten featured documentaries, which include The Connecticut Coalition against Millstone 2001, The 2002 Connecticut State Democratic Convention, The 1/28/03 Washington D.C Anti War Rally, A Teaching by Buddhist Patriarch Sakya Trizin, The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation Speaks Out, The World Peace Festival 2000 and 2001, The One World Fair, The 911 Omission Commission.

Mr. Steel established the lasteelshow.org website in 2004 and the L.A. Steel weekly Internet talk show on the BlogTalkRadio.com network in 2006. Over 500 audio programs are available in online archives at BlogTalkRadio.com/lasteelshoworg.  Also over 500 articles and essays are available in the lasteelshow.org archives.
To contact L.A. Steel, email asteelexclusive@gmail.com or write to P.O Box 127 Salisbury, Ct.06068.
L.A. Steel
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Naked at the Mic/ The Survival of a Liberal in a Time of Peril is a bold defense of Liberalism that chronicles the demise and resurgence of Liberalism in America since 2000. It is an autobiographical account of the establishment and survival of a commercially broadcasted liberal talk radio show during one of the most politically conservative periods in American history. The span of research for this book includes thousands of archived news articles published from alternative and mainstream sources since 2000 and hundreds of broadcasted interviews from the L.A.Steel Show. Guests interviewed have ranged in views from Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader, peace activist Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink co founder Medea Benjamin, civil rights activist Jesse Jackson, former U.S Atty General Ramsey Clark the defense Atty for Saddam Hussein, John McManus President of the John Birch Society, actor Ed Asner and hundreds of well known authors, journalists, activists and politicians. Part two of this book entitled, Essays and Insights, includes one hundred and sixty six selected essays and insights chosen from over five hundred published on line articles from the author's website lasteelshow.org. The subjects are based on some of the most significant national and international events and personalities from 2000 to 2009.
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